V REACTOR (2022)

                                          Digital Album

V Reactor is slated to be a 16 track crossover Pop/Rock, EDM & Dance album w hint of signature Tre Main #RNB.  Stay tuned!   

Hi Fans, Followers & Listeners

"V Reactor "is on the way.

 I can only hope as an artist that this new digital album brings you a new found leash on life.   The past year has been a very trying time for us all emotionally and mentally and for some physically.  The album was written amidst a pandemic  in which we all endured together.  It was written as somewhat of a "badge of honor" to displaying how those of us  whom were fortunate,  STILL made it through.  This is calls for celebration, dedication and inspiration. It reflects how precious life is and how we still presently continue to suffer in the aftermath. Though most importantly it shows how we as a people are so resilient in facing  trials and tribulations endured during the time and  were still able to support one another (in most cases)

This albums tone will hopefully help you to forget  about shards of glass left behind in such a dark light or  at least help to bring a little bit of that bright light back into your routine.

Click on the image to "unlock"  some of the tracks titles and listen first hand to the the stripped instrumental versions before hearing the vocal version. 

Tre Main

Mile High (Denver) Singer/ songwriter and recording artist gifting an innovative sound and lyrical craft.

Emerging an independent online artist in the 20th, Denver based Solo artist Tre Main is a trailblazing songwriter and vocalist, showcasing an eclectic music repertoire of Urban Pop,Dance, RNB & Hip Pop.

 Earlier projects such as the 2001 EP "In Frame of Mind" followed by 2006 s "Into the Open" &  2011's "Virgo Red" would acquire him a vast trend of new listeners.
 The 2015-16 year would revolutionize his sound as Tre Main would depart from his traditional self composing & writing structure to join on a collaboration with Atlanta based music firm So Fo Real on his rebooted effort of “Nightlife Confessions 15."
 Tre Main’s invite to the project would instantly connect his listeners to instant favorites such as the uptown funky “So Damn Cynical”, the indie dance hit “Played the Fool” & the crossover pop smash "Hit & Run”. The project would also bring about new collaborations on listen worthy breakthrough tracks such as “Talk with Stranger’s” featuring Andrew Mc Bean & the collective Hip-Pop duet “In the Life” introducing Jayce also of Denver, Colorado.
 The anticipated 2018 project #thematerialworld once again puts Tre Main full circle with So Fo Real on a 20 track anthology due out Fall 2018.
With early listening successes of the Power Pop rock-ish “Everlasting" a personal fan tribute, the infectiously ambiguous "State of the Art" &  the albums title track and front runner "The Material World” the project is sure to be an ear please.
#MUSIC #newmusic #Denver #thematerialworld

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Nightlife Confessions Digital Video

Check out my visual video for Nightlife Confessions.  While I am currently working on my next digital album for #2021, you may still see a video appear for this track.  the track features three little mini stories so I think it'd be a great video w punch. 

Check out the Video in the "Media Room"

Get into the System

Wow! I'm just blown away.  Into the Open" was my very first project as an independent artist recorded all most (10) years ago...GEEZ!   Recorded in the bedroom of my time.  While I had been writing lyrics way long before that and plotting my  music agenda, the vision was clearly forming in my head. Therefore, one evening I shut off my phone.  I closed my blinds.  ALL electronics OFF. I then "planted some trees" made a couple of juicers and proceeded to conceive my first baby "Into the Open".  On this project I attempted to capture a more chill, naïve & slightly unpolished approach to recording.    

Everything is so magnified and electrified in music these days that it seems to take from a persons natural ability to showcase genuine talent and a genuine character.  authentic recording, and underground appeal seems not to exist anymore.  Where's the thrill? 

This is part of being and becoming a recording artist and music figure.  You evolve with each recording and this is of course important for your most loyal listeners to hear and understand.  They should be able to experience the growth along with you.  As an artist you can only hope that your listeners themselves are also striving to grow in however the music inspires them and in whatever the choose to pursue.  

Now get out there and support this project.  

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This album is an eclectic blend of Urban Pop, Dance RnB and Hip Pop brought to you by Singer-Songwriter Tre Main, originally of Denver, Colorado.  

#thematerialworld is an independent digital recording project by Singer-songwriter Tre Main.  A follow up to the 2018 Nightlife Confessions # 15, Tre Main unleashes a lethal repertoire of Urban Pop, Dance, RnB & Indie precision upon his loyal advocates, while in the midst - garnering a new crop of listeners with a proven eclectic taste 

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